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The BaseCamp converts heat into usable electricity for large-format cooking and charging. Using only fallen branches or small pieces of firewood, make wood-fired meals and charge devices all at the same time. It's a smart alternative to fossil-fueled stoves, creating an elevated cooking fire that burns smarter than any fire you're used to.

  • 2200mAh battery with 5 watt USB charge-out
  • 13.25” diameter stove top
  • Burns solid biomass (twigs, firewood, etc.)
  • Weight: 17.92 lbs

Cooktop: 13.25” diameter (33.66 cm)
138 in² cooking area (350.52 cm²)
Charging Time: 
30 min of charging = 5 hours talk time, 5 hours video, 20 hours of audio (average smartphone)
Battery: Lithium ion, 2200mAh
Weight: 17.92 lbs, 8.16 kg
Fuel: Solid biomass (twigs, firewood, wood chunks etc)
USB Power Output: 5W@5V, charging times vary by strength of fire
Compatible Devices: Powers most USB-chargeable devices including smartphones
Materials: Stainless steel, cast iron, high-temperature plastic
In The Box: BioLite BaseCamp, Firestarters, Fuel Rack, Ash Tray, Gooseneck USB light, Instructions

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