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USB BikeLight Combo (2 อัน)

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You asked for it, so we did it: Now available in a 2-pack, the PowerLight Mini is the perfect head and taillight to see and be seen with your bike. Featuring 5 light settings, you can attach them to your bag or strap with the wire clip or pop them in and out easily with the included bike mount. USB-rechargeable, you don't have to hunt down obscure batteries, and bonus: you can share some of that USB power to other devices in a pinch. The flat form factor makes it easy to slide into your pants pocket or your bag, making it easy to locate for the next time. With over 60% of the BioLite team commuting by bike every day, this combo is an office favorite.

- 2 rechargeable lanterns with included bike mounts
- 5 settings: Normal, Bright, Red, White-Flash, Red-Flash
- 1250mAh USB output (1/2 smartphone charge)
- Weight: 160 g.


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