BLXL Solar Kit


Solar Panel 5+, Lantern, & USB Power Storage

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Light your site, charge your gear, and have some power to spare with this packable combination of light and solar. Unlock a hub for your site with the Bluetooth BaseLantern XL and extend your perimeter with the easy to use (and 2017 runaway favorite) SiteLight Mini. And with the included SolarPanel 5+ you can charge up during the day so there's no need to keep an eye on your battery levels. Bonus Item: BioLite Custom Drybag, designed for a perfect fit with the BaseLantern.

Full closed-loop energy ecosystem
500 lumen lantern + 150 lumen string lights
12000mAh USB power bank + 2200mAh solar panel
Incl. BaseLantern XL, SolarPanel 5+, SiteLight Mini, DryBag


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