Headlamp Diffuser Stuffsack


Light Diffusing Stuffsack Turn Your Headlamp Into A Hangable Light ถุงใส่ HeadLamp แปลงไฟคาดศรีษะเป็นโคมไฟ ใช้งานได้สารพัดประโยชน์

หมวดหมู่ : Lighting HeadLamp


Need to put your headlamp to use off your forehead? This has you covered. Featuring a proprietary internal attachment system, this stuffsack suspends your headlamp in the middle of the bag for an even, diffuse, ambient light. Drawstring enclosure makes it easy to hang from your tent, tree-branch, or other overhang for area lighting. Store headlamp and its micro-usb cord inside when not in use for simple packing and travel.


Light diffusing ripstop nylon with elastic loops

Works with most headlamps including the BioLite HeadLamp

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